Scythe Vs Sickle: What are the differences between Scythe and Sickle tools ?

Caption: Scythe and Sickle

I see every month hundreds of people are searching about the difference between scythe and sickle on google. But no article is rich enough to provide you with the necessary pieces of information. This is why I am sharing here what I have found in my research.  

Scythes and Sickles are still popular among the farmers even in this age of technological advancement. These tools are noise and pollution-free, easy to use, maintain, and store. Both tools are being used to harvest grain crops and remove weeds from fields and yards. Using these tools is easier and quicker than power tools, once you get skilled in using it. 

Often people are unable to distinguish between scythe and sickle. Though these two tools have almost the same applications, they have different shapes and advantages. 

Main Difference:

Though scythe and sickles are almost the same, they are a little bit different. 

what is a Scythe:

Caption: Farmer with a scythe

Scythe is made of a long and thin curved blade which is sharped on the inside curve. This blade is attached to a long pole with one or two handles. One can use it by standing up. Scythe blades are large that can cover a wide area.

what is a Sickle:

Caption: Sickle

On the other hand, the sickle is the smaller version of the scythe. It has a short handle and a small curved blade. The blade is sharp on the inside curve. Sickles can also be used to cut grain by standing, but one needs to lean and bend over to use it.

Scythe Vs Sickle – Which one is better?

Though both the scythes and sickles are used to cut grain, the scythe can cover a much larger area than the sickles. Scythe needs fewer efforts. If it is kept very sharp, it can cut a pretty big area in a full circular swing. 

Why do we need sickles?

Though using sickles is not a good experience, you need this tool when you target to cut grain in a very specific area. It allows users to hold the plants. 

where can I buy a scythe?

Before purchasing a scythe, you must know the buying guide. Click here to find the perfect buying guide.

This video perfectly reflects how faster the scythes than the sickles are.


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