Best Fishing Rods

Fishing is interesting when you use the best fishing rods. Otherwise, it is all about patience and hardship with no success. An inappropriate fishing rod will reduce your enthusiasm, bring frustration, lose your mind at the end. But, New or Old, it is often a hard task for an angler to dig the gigantic tools market to find the best brands and best fishing rods. So, to help you, our research group has made a list of best fishing rods that will help you to save your money from being wasted.  To choose the best fishing rods we focused on the strength, power, accuracy, material, and price of the rods. We also went through the customer’s review

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod:

Plusinno is one of the top fishing brands that produces various fishing boats and tools. Its fishing rod is crafted with a mixture of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, creating the pole hard, durable and perfectly elastic. It offers you hassle-free carrying in a travel case or suitcase. The stainless steel reel seat is almost corrosion-free, enables you saltwater fishing without thinking twice. Its extended EVA foam grip is comfortable, a perfect addition if you need to hold and control the rod for a long time. This grip is also easily washable. EVA foam is great for rod grips as it doesn’t chip or dent easily like corks. This lightweight rod has a corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide guide. This fishing rod is a medium action, bends at the middle of the blank. It is available in several lengths, ranges from 1.8 meters to 3.3 meters. 

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod – at a glance

Material: Carbon+fiberglass
Lengths: Multiple: Ranges from 1.8 meters to 3.3 meters. 
Reel seat: Stainless steal
Water type: Freshwater and Saltwater
Warranty: 12 months
Handle: EVA Fore Grip
Power: Medium
Portability: Comes up with carrier case

> Very much portable
> Available in several lengths
> Large line capacity
> Comfortable grip
>Compact and easily storable

> No Lures & Line
> Only one year warranty 
>Rod tip might be fragile

Buying Guide:

Though buying a perfect fishing rod that best suits you is often complicated, a bit understanding about suitability and quality of fishing rods through studying quality resources is helpful to be well in your way. This is why we felt the necessity of making a buying guide for you. 


Most of the fishing rods are crafted from fiberglass or graphite. Graphite rods are rigid, more powerful and highly sensitive. Advanced anglers prefer to use graphite rods though it is more brittle than other options. 

If you are a beginner, fiberglass will be a better option. This type of rods are more durable and need less maintenance. Fiberglass is a good option if you go after larger and aggressive species like pike. 

There is another option that is made from the combination of fiberglass and graphite. This option suits best if you are going to use the rod for multiple purposes. 

Combine the power and action:

Power is the amount of force needed to bend the fishing rod while the action is defined as the location where the bend takes place along the blank.

Power is classified from ultra-light to ultra-heavy. Ultra-light rods are preferred for fishing smaller species, while ultra-heavy rods are more suitable for fishing larger species and deep-sea expeditions.

Though power and action are a bit similar, combining action with power increases both efficiency and accuracy. A fast action rod is more responsive to the bites in the hooks. This type of rods are great for handling heavier baits and covering a large area. Slow action rods are used for lighter lures and slower baits. 

Length-shorter are better for amateur:

Fishing rods are typically 6-12 feet long. If you are a beginner, 7 feet long rods are helpful for you to learn to balance casting distance and accuracy. Shorter lengths are suitable for closer combat like fishing in a boat as they cover a small area. Shorter rods helpful for fighting fish as they have less bend. If you want to fish on the beach, longer rods are preferable.

Though there are plenty of cheap fishing rods in the market, we tried best to list the best fishing rods in your budget. All the products we have described here are best suitable for fishing in saltwater and also you can engage your kids in this productive and enjoyable hobby or recreation. However, we like PLUSINNO Fishing Rod as it offers the users various advantages during fishing like portability, rigid structure, medium sensitivity, and hassle-free storage facility. So, pick a product from our list you can afford and start fishing with confidence.